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Belly Dance, Zumba & More at Aalim School of Dance

Summer session belly dance classes begin Wednesday June 17. First time beginners should begin within the first three weeks of a given session; returning students join any time.


Click class titles for class descriptions, pricing options and registration information, click the "Jump to" links in the left navigation, or scroll down this page for general information. Still have questions? Call 612-703-7002 or email



Zumba Fitness!

Class at the WSP studioZumba exercise classes blend upbeat world rhythms with easy-to-follow choreography for a total body workout. Our classes feature the world dance-inspired cardio and music that define Zumba plus some of Mirah's own "Raqs-erobque"(TM) Middle Eastern dance-inspired fitness for a fun workout. Suitable for new dancers/exercisers, but also excellent cross-training for experienced belly dancers.

Regular weekly ZUMBA classes ***NEW TIME***
Ongoing, 6:30-7:30 p.m. (no class 7/1/15 Studio Mpls-L



Summer Belly Dance Classes (click class title for description.)

Please Note: Summer Session will begin Wednesday June 17. Be sure to check listings below for complete dates and studio location.

No classes July 1-5 in honor of the Independence Day holiday.


Level 1 Belly Dance Foundations

      Saturdays, 11:45 a.m.-1:00 p.m. 6/20-8/15, Studio Mpls-L *No 7/4 (8 weeks)
      We apologize, there will be no Level 1 at Studio WSP for this session


Level 2 Belly Dance

      Saturdays, 10:00-11:30 a.m. 6/20-8/15 *No 7/4, Studio Mpls-K


Level 2 & 3 Daytime Belly Dance Group

      Thursdays, 11:30 a.m.-1:00 7/9-8/13, **Private Minneapolis Studio**
       Email or text 612-703-7002 for location.


Noujoum Jadeeda - student troupe for dancers Levels 2+ and Up
(What is this? Click here to learn more...)

      Thursdays, 7:45-9:15 p.m. Resuming 6/18. Studio WSP with Mirah.
Interested in joining? Contact Mirah to find out when the best date is to join for new members. Ongoing, no class 7/2.

Level 4 through Advanced/Pro

       Wednesdays, 7:45-9:15 p.m. 6/17-8/19, Studio Mpls-L with Mirah


Specially-scheduled classes and private appointments

**For more information on private appointments or for dates of public/open classes, contact



About the Class Levels Please note that class "level" curriculum and expectations are not the same in all belly dance programs. If you have been taking classes with another school or program and are uncertain what level is right for you in ours, please email or call 612-703-7002.


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Private Lessons and Coaching

Take your dancing to the next level! Are you working toward a special performance, interested in learning a new form or technique, or wanting to improve your performances and find your own "voice" as a dancer? Private sessions may be right for you!


Mirah Ammal offers private lessons and on-going coaching tailored to your personal needs and goals. Whether you are looking for specific short-term or occasional guidance, or a long-term coaching relationship to help you develop your own style, unlock performance potential or navigate the professional, technical and emotional terrain in this dance, Mirah has years of experience working in individualized, one-on-one settings and she enjoys helping dancers grow. Appointments are available in-person or via Skype. To learn more, contact Mirah directly at, or call 612-703-7002.

See more information on private classes and coaching

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IPerformance/Coaching Series

A NEW Redesigned Performance & Coaching Series Coming Soon!
Through a combination of online and in-person sessions, you'll work to develop your *own* skills, and performance capabilities and style with the support of an expert instructor and fellow participants. This classes is designed for ALL styles of belly dance,you will be working toward your own goals and the material will be tailored to the participants. Enrollment is strictly limited. Stay tuned for more details.

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Registration Policies and Fees

Registration for these classes is through the Aalim School of Middle Eastern Dance.


For a Spring session registration form, click here

Please read the registration form and all policy information, found on the registration form.

For regular classes, previous belly dance students may register for a full session, get a 5-class gypsy card, a 10-class gypsy card, or purchase single classes on a drop-in basis. (A gypsy card is a punch card that lets you attend any regular class at the Aalim School.) First time beginners are asked to register for the full session, as material is cumulative. Late registrations for first time beginners may be taken up to the third week of class at the school administrator's discretion.


All other classes and workshops, registration/pricing options are as listed.


No refunds after the first week of class. No exceptions.


Regular belly dance classes (1.5 hours, levels 1 through advanced):

      $ 88 for a full 8-week session (fall through spring sessions)

      $110 for 10-class gypsy card

      $ 60 for 5-class gypsy card (or 5-week session)

      $ 13 single class drop-in rate


Zumba classes (50-minute fitness class, no experience required):

      $ 110 for 20-class card

      $ 60 for 10-class card

      $ 10 single class drop-in rate (or see introductory specials)

What if I want to take a mix of belly dance and Zumba? Do I need two different cards? :

NO! With the new redesigned Gypsy card, you can use the same card for both belly dance and fitness/zumba classes! A belly dance class (typically 1.5 hours) is a full punch (both of the little dancer icons) and a fitness class (typically 50 minutes) is a half-punch. So, with a $60 gypsy card, for example, you can get 5 belly dance classes, or 10 Zumba classes, or 3 belly dance classes plus 4 Zumba classes, and so on.



Specialty Mini-sessions and Workshops

      Pricing and registration policies may vary--please check the listings.


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Locations and Driving Directions

Minneapolis-Kingfield (Location Code: Mpls-K)

Center for Performing Arts at 3754 Pleasant Ave. S., Minneapolis

Click for driving directions

   Studio Mpls-K: Sun Room, 1st Floor


Minneapolis-LynLake (Location Code: Mpls-L)

Calhoun Building at 711 W. Lake Street, Minneapolis

Click for driving directions

   Studio Mpls-L: Chini Studio, #605


West St. Paul/Eagan (Location Code: WSP)

Rhythm and Shoes at Southview Square
1907 S. Robert Street (north of 494), West St. Paul, MN 55118

Click for driving directions

     Studio WSP: Rhythm and Shoes Dance Studio



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Driving Directions

To Aalim School West St. Paul/Eagan Location (Studio Code: WSP)

Rhythm & Shoes at Southview Square 1907 S. Robert St., West St. Paul

From eastbound 494 take the South Robert Street exit. At the top of the exit ramp, turn left. Continue approximately 1/2 a mile north on Robert. Southview Square will be on your left--the dance studio is located between Hancock Fabric and O'Reilly Auto Supply.

From westbound 494 take the Highway 110 exit and the South Robert Street exit. Turn left (north) onto S. Robert Street.



To Aalim School S. Minneapolis Kingfield Location (Studio Code: Mpls-K)

Center for Performing Arts, 3754 Pleasant Ave S., Minneapolis.

From northbound 35-W take the 35th-36th Street exit. Go past 36th street and take a left onto 35th Street (one way). Cross the overpass, go two blocks, and take a left onto Nicollet. From Nicollet, take a right onto 38th Street. Go four blocks to Pleasant. The Center for Performing arts is on the northwest corner of the intersection. Parking is on street.


From southbound 35-W take the 35th-36th Street exit. Take a right onto 35th Street (one way). Go two blocks, and take a left onto Nicollet. From Nicollet, take a right onto 38th Street. Go four blocks to Pleasant. The Center for Performing arts is on the northwest corner of the intersection. Parking is on street.


From I-94, either direction follow signs for 35-W southbound. Stay right, and follow the southbound 35W directions.



To Aalim School S. Minneapolis Lyn-Lake Location (Studio Code: Mpls-L)

Calhoun Building, 711 W. Lake Street, Minneapolis, #603.

From northbound 35-W take the 31st-Lake Street exit. Turn left onto 31st Street (the first light) and go under the freeway. Take 31st street about 9-10 blocks (depending on how you count/where you park.) The studio is located one block north of 31st on Lake Street between Lyndale and Aldrich. There is some on-street parking on Lyndale and on Lake Street and a public ramp north of Lake on Aldrich, but free parking can usually be found on Aldrich, 31st, or Bryant.


From southbound 35-W take Parking is on street.


From I-94, either direction follow .


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Aalim School of Dance, LLC.

3754 Pleasant Ave. S.

Minneapolis, MN 55409





Aalim School now has TWO Minneapolis locations--Kingfield & LynLake. Details here!

Private Lessons and Performance Coaching Available.




Al-Bahira Dance Theater at the Festival of Nations,
May 1-3, 2015


Giggles & Glam Fundraiser & Show at Intermedia Arts Sunday May 17, 2015


TC RAKS! 2015 and The Spoooooktacular Show!
October 9-11, 2015




Aalim School of Dance has three climate controlled locations:

  • West St. Paul/Eagan
  • Mpls K - Kingfield
  • Mpls L - LynLake

Our Minneapolis locations are conveniently located in South Minneapolis near I-35W, the lakes areas, Uptown, and several bus lines.

West St. Paul is located north of 494 at Robert Street.

Please note: Classes may be held in more than one studio at these locations: be sure to check studio designations!

Click for driving directions!


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